We are a unique combination of highly skilled and experienced engineers.


  • Save weeks, months by setting your project in the right direction from the start.
  • We ask the right questions to arrive at the right solution — including from a product and business perspective.
  • Drawing from comprehensive and complementary technical backgrounds, we think outside the box.


  • Unparalleled productivity, thoroughness, correctness.
  • “Scale up” your team — bring in the commandos when you need the extra bandwidth.
  • New projects: we come with a wealth of tools and technology ready to go.
  • Existing projects: fast ramp-up means we’re adding value from day one.

Team building

  • It’s easy to get addicted to a crack team; we also provide the support to wean you off.
  • We can conduct interviews for developers that you find, or help you source top quality talent from our extended network.
  • We work with your prospective developers on your project, doubling as an extended interview and training period

The people


We work with companies of all shapes and sizes — anyone can have an ambitious project.

Recently We’ve enjoyed working with hardware experts on embedded bluetooth LE devices; overcome performance and user interface challenges building online 3D CAD engineering software; and built homogeneous platforms to scale multiple high traffic traffic websites

Selected clients include:

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Great team

We're a group with great skills and diverse backgrounds, always seeking out the most interesting and promising projects, whether in-house or in collaboration with other startups.


Work wherever you want. Office, home, the local cafe; as a group or individually; part time or full time. Whatever works best for you and keeps you productive.

The projects

We have a wide variety of interesting projects in the pipeline. We'd love to hear about what you want to work on, or even propose the next Helix project.

Development and Learning

We use a very broad range of technologies and are working on a large variety of products. We're eager to try new things and are always open minded. Our engineers pride themselves on always sharpening their saw. At Helix you'll find great support and a team with a wealth of experience to draw on while you're building something great. You'll be hard pressed to find a place with so much going on in a small team culture.

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